Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

In the logistics industry, it’s the details that can make or break a project. Our customized technology solutions and systems allow you to see, track, and measure all of the important details to ensure successful project execution. This web-based software is an essential tool for every sector within the transportation and logistics industry.  

Warehouse and Management Control Systems

Manages inventory and has the ability to track LOT numbers, SKU and on-hold orders. You’ll be able to keep an eye on inventory levels, manage warehouse orders and review summarized and itemized reports.

Supply Chain Visibility

See how the shipments fit together, or you can view each shipment separately, along with the details of that shipment. Alleviates the old tedious manual communication problems and offers real-time tracking.


Dashboard Technology

Data, numbers, stats, etc. are gathered into one manageable hub spot, allowing you to quickly view specifics of any shipment and update any changes as they happen.

GPS Cargo and Asset Tracking System

Our advanced GPS Tracking System provides real-time location and route data for your cargo, trailers, heavy equipment, and other assets. The customizable web-based dashboard and automated e-mail alerts provide complete visibility of your supply chain and assets. Using low earth orbit satellites, our reliable and easy to install system provides global coverage for any transportation mode, including rail, vessel or truck. Our system can also provide custom analysis and metrics based on your specific KPI's.


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