Costing Multi-Mode Solutions

Your customers need a solid and reliable logistics cost when purchasing your product. We have extensive experience costing projects that require multiple modes of transportation to anywhere on the globe.

Permit & Route Feasibility Studies

You need to know you can transport your large cargo safely and on time with no issues. Our dedicated route assessment team uses the latest technology to provide you with a detailed, customized report identifying all potential risks, transport options, and permit requirements prior to movement. 

Expedited Transportation Permit Services

Situations arise when the expected permit turnaround time exceeds your delivery window.  We have the ability to expedite any and all permits for urgent loads, while mitigating any issues involved in the load. We have mitigated over 70,000 permits from potential delays.

Multi-Trip Permit Planning

We leverage our existing government relationships to anticipate and manage difficult and high-volume permit demands, and provide a successful solution for your over-dimensional moves.

Project Site Readiness Evaluation

Mitigate liability and risk by ensuring the end destination is ready to take your cargo safely and without delay. Our team can conduct a full site survey using the latest equipment and technology to identify troublesome conditions that could cripple your project site.

Transportation Supplier Qualification

We work with each customer to define a rigorous set of supplier requirements based upon your existing expectations, as well as industry best practices. Subsequently, we use a two-phased approach to evaluate suppliers: 

1.  Review and analyze high-level management systems and procedures at the supplier's headquarters. A more targeted evaluation occurs in the field to measure how effectively the supplier's procedures are communicated and utilized.

2.  Design the qualification system to create an initial "toll gate" and to drive continuous improvement through ongoing measurement.


Minimize Risk. Streamline Processes.

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